Event Information

Ghost Town Freeride


Important Event Information

Here’s some important information.

Please, read this through to find out what’s provided by the event organisers, what kind of protection gear is required and similar.


Registration confirmation

The event registration is fully confirmed only once Sbanda Brianza has received the payment of the registration fee. Submitting the form without paying the registration fee will not guarantee the access to the freeride.

Sbanda Brianza kindly suggests the riders to pay the registration fee as soon as possible, in order to guarantee the access to the freeride.


Required protection gear

Leather suit is not required but it’s highly recommended.
Make sure to have a full downhill protection on: full face helmet, slide gloves, knee pads, elbow pads, back protection.
We will not make your life hard if you don’t wear elbow pads, but everything else you should have to make sure you survive to ride another day.


For underaged riders

If you’re underaged (< 18), it is OK for your parents to drop you off, sign a disclaimer and head to their own vacation.


Shuttle busses

Shuttle busses will be provided for you to take you from the bottom to the top of the track. We have an adequate number of shuttle busses, according to the number of riders.



Fully equipped ambulance team will be present at the track for each riding day.


Hay bales / Safety

Sufficient quantities of hay bales will be scattered around each hairpin as well as dangerous parts along all tracks. Wherever needed we will install safety nets for that extra protection. Organizers of this event consider your safety as their upmost priority!


Safety marshals with proper communication equipment

Sufficient number of safety marshals for each track. Each marshal will be equipped with proper radio station.



Registered riders will be covered with FISR insurance dedicated to FISR members. For further information, please visit https://servizi-it.aongate.it/Federazioni/. Riders will be asked to sign a disclaimer, to release Sbanda Brianza from any liability related to any kind of accident that may occur during the event. Riders who refuse to sign the disclaimer will not be allowed to join the freeride.


For any additional queries you might have, please contact us via email at sbandabrianza@gmail.com.