Ghost Town 2019

Longboard, skate & rock’n’roll in the Ghost Town!


June 21

Fri 18-24: welcome, open skate area, foodtruck


June 22 & 23

Sat 12-14: welcome
Sat 14-17.30: freeride, live bands, street art
Sat 18-24: after-party, free skate & contest, live bands, foodtruck
Sun 9-10: breakfast + welcome
Sun 10-12.30: freeride + speed contest
Sun 12.30-14: lunch
Sun 14-17.30: freeride, live bands, street art
Sun 17.30-19: happy hour + awards
No stop: music & beer


FREE CAMPING available on friday and saturday night




1.3 km track, for expert riders.
Protection gear is COMPULSORY.
The event is supported by FISR, and it follows FISR Terms & Conditions.

Max number of riders: 120.


. 1 day = EUR 30
. 2 days = EUR 50
To register it is compulsory to be a 2018/2019 FISR (Federazione Italiana Sport Rotellistici) members. You can become a FISR member with Sbanda Brianza, with an additional EUR 20 fee (to be added to freeride registration fee). Foreign riders, that cannot be FISR members, will receive (for the same EUR 20 fee) an external insurance.
Freeride fee includes:
– no-stop shuttle service during freeride
– insurance
– 1 free beer
– 1 lottery ticket

Please note that the registration is confirmed only after the fee payment is registered!


The skate area, set up in Consonno Main Square, will be opened on Friday and Saturday from 6 pm till late.
On Saturday, from 7 pm, contests on skate ramp, with awards offered by event partners for the best and craziest trick.
To register for the skate contest, click on the button below.